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For a superior product finish, experience the difference of cyCLOps’s sandblasting solution with your next powder coat project.

When to Choose Sandblasting

For a high-quality powder coat finish, metal surfaces need comprehensive cleaning. Old components may have rust, previous coats, or paint. Even newly minted metal surfaces could present mill scale, grease, rust spots, or a protective layer of oil. Two essential methods exist for cleaning a metal surface.

The first approach is Chemical Wash & Pretreatment. This process involves applying a chemical cleaner or degreaser, followed by a rinse. Post-rinse, an oxidation or phosphate conversion coating is applied. This method's efficiency heavily relies on chemical quality, which may not combat heavy rust effectively. Moreover, it calls for the correct and often costly disposal of used chemicals.

The second method is Sandblasting. The abrasive material is propelled against the metal surface at high pressure, effectively removing rust, old paint, or previous coats—an additional benefit of sandblasting lies in providing roughness to the surface, promoting better powder coat adhesion. Maintaining a well-balanced surface roughness is crucial for enduring adhesion, especially for items subject to stressful conditions.

Collins Sandblasting

How We Do Sandblasting at cyCLOps

We've fine-tuned our sandblasting process to be safer and more precise. It begins with our unique silica-free abrasive media designed not just for superior product quality but also for the well-being of our team and our precious environment. When conventional sandblasting poses health risks and harms the environment, our approach stands as a protectively balanced solution.

In addition, we believe in perfection down to the last detail. Our skilled team subject all metal parts to a stringent outgassing process, super-heating them to eliminate any residues. More than just a cleansing process, it paves the way for superior powder adherence, resulting in unmatched durability and a pristine finish. At cyCLOps, we thread the path of excellence, ensuring the highest product quality without compromising on health or environmental considerations.

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