precision press brakes

Press brakes are essential tools in the metal fabrication industry that facilitate the bending and shaping of metal sheets to create various structures and products. However, not all press brakes are created equal. Precision press brakes, in particular, offer a level of accuracy and quality that standard press brakes cannot match.

What are precision press brakes?

Precision press brakes are machines used to bend and cut metal into various shapes and forms. They are equipped with precision press brake tooling, which is essential to ensure the accuracy and quality of the final bent parts. The versatility of a precision press brake allows for the production of parts with different shapes, sizes, and angles using a single set of punch and die.

Precision Press Brake

How are they different from standard press brakes?

The main difference between standard and precision press brake tooling is the manufacturing process and the level of accuracy. Standard press brake tooling is manufactured on a planer or planer mill by shaping the tooling with a cutter. In contrast, precision press brake tooling is made piece by piece without contact and is then ground to precision, providing for a linear accuracy approximately 10 times better than cold planed tooling alone, often down to ±0.0005” in profile accuracy and in height. The tools are also pre-segmented and available in a variety of widths to accommodate a combination of any size when box forming. Precision press brake tooling provides many advantages, including longer tooling life, better repeatability, and higher accuracy, which far outweigh the precision tooling costs.

Common Applications

Precision press brakes are used in a wide range of industries where reliability, durability, precision, and performance are critical. Here are some common applications for precision press brakes:

  • Aerospace: parts for aircraft, such as wing skins, fuselage frames, and engine components. 
  • Automotive: parts for cars, such as body panels, frames, and suspension components. 
  • Construction: parts for buildings, such as beams, columns, and brackets. 
  • Electronics: parts for electronic devices, such as computer cases, smartphone frames, and circuit board components. 

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Precision press brakes are an essential tool in the metal fabrication industry that offers a level of accuracy and quality that standard press brakes cannot match. Give us a call today to learn more about how Cyclops can manage all your metal fabrication needs.